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NEA ESP Resources and Tools

Includes publications, grants, professional development resources, email list, legislative action, and more! All things Education Support Professional (ESP).

Companies you may find interesting – many have professional development or training opportunities:


Yoga 4 Classrooms

Yoga 4 Classrooms is an evidence-based yoga and mindfulness program for school that promotes social, emotional and physical wellness, learning readiness and positive school climate. By providing training and resources to support sustainable school implementation, we empower schools to meet improvement goals while preparing students for a lifetime of success. The approach and curriculum are anchored in well-validated classroom pedagogies, developmental science, cross-sectional research in cognitive affective neuroscience, tenets of positive psychology and secular contemplative practices.

The Right Question Institute/Educator Resource Area

The skill of question asking is far too rarely deliberately taught in school. They have worked with and learned from educators to develop a teaching strategy that provides a simple, yet powerful way to get students asking their own questions and building off their peers’ questions. The foundational skill of Question Formulation can be easily integrated into your current curriculum and have immediate impact in your class, from kindergarten to higher learning.

Story Preservation Initiative

Story Preservation Initiative® is an oral history-based educational resource that professionally audio records first-hand narratives of people who have made extraordinary contributions in the arts, sciences, and humanities, as well as eyewitnesses to history. They work to share and integrate their growing collection into the public domain and teaching and learning environments.


The Center for Green Schools

The Center promotes green schools for all and educates a new generation of leaders to advance sustainability in their schools, in their communities, and in their careers.

National Association of Independent Schools:
Conducting a Security Evaluation

Learn what maintenance staff and other ESPs can do to help keep school buildings and parking lots safe from hostile intruders, student vandals, and others.

Integrated Pest Management

IPM is the implementation of diverse methods of pest controls with monitoring to reduce pesticide applications.

NH Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Coordinates the planning for, responding to, and recovery from major natural or man-made disasters. The state-level equivalent of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. They provide free school emergency preparedness training.


National Resource Center for Paraprofessionals

Addresses policy questions, provides technical assistance, and shares info about school management, regulatory procedures, and training models. Also works to improve para recruitment, deployment, supervision, and career development.


National Farm to School Network

The “go-to” source for local and fresh sourcing of food for schools, and a great supporter of school gardens. Those who wish to introduce a school garden program should start here.

National School Lunch Program

This federally-assisted meal program offers everything from menu planning and after-school snacks to food distribution programs and the preparation of nutritionally balanced meals.


Change Direction NH

This is the first state-wide effort of The Campaign to Change Direction, a national initiative to change the culture of mental health in America. “Mental illness is the only illness from my childhood that remains in the shadows. We need to change the culture surrounding emotional suffering and we need to begin by letting everyone know its five most common signs and that early detection and treatment yield great success.” – John Broderick, Former NH State Supreme Court Justice

Here this Now, Emily Read Daniels

HERE this NOW is a consulting firm that provides training and technical assistance to schools and other who are seeking to build capacity for becoming trauma-informed and trauma-responsive. Becoming “trauma-informed” is a paradigm shift; it means acknowledging and addressing that humans and collections of humans (e.g. systems) are shaped by early life experiences – in particular – adverse childhood experiences. Childhood trauma, toxic stress, or ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) calibrate the body’s stress response and impact the long-term mental and physical health of an individual.

Granite State United Way

Committed to advancing the common good. They mobilize people, organizations and resources in a focused effort to advance Education, Income, and Health throughout New Hampshire and Windsor County, VT.

NH Department of Health and Human Services

Responsible for the health, safety and well-being of NH citizens. They administer programs and services for mental health, developmental disability, substance abuse, and public health. They provide free training on healthy classrooms.

End 68 Hours of Hunger

One in five children struggle with food insecurity in the U.S., with a staggering number of children in New Hampshire affected. End 68 Hours of Hunger is a private, not-for-profit, effort to confront the approximately 68 hours of hunger that some school children experience between the free lunch they receive in school Friday and the free breakfast they receive in school Monday. This program puts nourishing food in the hands of school children to carry them through the weekend. Learn how to start a program in your school.